"The only way to find yourself is to get lost."

-Wendi Ezgur


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PostedGlacier Rafting
11/2/2009West Glacier, Montana
 7/25 & 26
PostedTop 5 Tips from a 5 Month Road Trip
9/25/2009en route, in an RV
PostedFirst Glimpse of Glacier National Park
9/17/2009West Glacier, Montana
 7/22 & 23
PostedHerman & Helens
9/8/2009St. Helens, Washington
 7/20 & 21
9/3/2009Portland, Oregon
PostedLighthouses, Puffins & Glass
9/1/2009Bandon, Oregon
 7/16 thru 18
PostedLeaving Applegate
8/27/2009Applegate Lake, Oregon
 7/13 thru 15
PostedFlying High While Laying Low
8/11/2009Applegate Lake, Oregon
PostedThe Leisure of Applegate
8/11/2009Jacksonville, Oregon
 7/11 thru 13
PostedDiscovering Applegate Lake
8/10/2009Jacksonville, Oregon
PostedTheatre in Ashland
8/9/2009Ashland, Oregon
Posted4th of July
8/7/2009Ashland, Oregon
 7/3 & 4
PostedCrater Lake
8/6/2009Crater Lake, Oregon
PostedHello Uncle Rick
8/4/2009Prospect, Oregon
 7/1 & 2
PostedInto Oregon
8/4/2009Brookings, Oregon
 6/29 & 30
PostedHumboldt County
8/1/2009Humbolt, California
 6/26 thru 28
7/31/2009checking the email udates, on the road
7/28/2009Benbow, California
7/24/2009Mendocino, California
 6/23 to 25
7/21/2009Sebastopol, California
 6/20 to 22
PostedWine and Guitars
7/17/2009Sonoma County, California
 6/16 to 19
PostedSan Francisco: Prison & Piercing
7/16/2009San Francisco, California
 6/14 & 15
PostedMonterey Aquarium
7/14/2009Monterey, California
PostedHighway 1
7/13/2009Big Sur, California
 6/11 & 12
PostedSan Simeon
7/12/2009San Simeon, California
 6/10 & 11
PostedLA & NY Family Goes Postal
7/9/2009LA, California
 6/8 to 6/10
PostedDeath Valley
7/6/2009Death Valley, California
 6/6 & 7
7/6/2009Las Vegas, Nevada
 6/1 to 6/5
PostedThe Grand Canyon
6/30/2009Grand Canyon, Arizona
 5/30 & 31
PostedLake Powell Encore
6/29/2009Paige, Arizona
 5/28 & 29
PostedEmerald Pools of Zion
6/28/2009Springdale, Utah
 5/26 & 27
PostedOff to Zion
6/26/2009Springdale, Utah
 5/24 & 25
PostedSunrise and the 2 Wheeler
6/24/2009Bryce Canyon, Utah
PostedBryce Canyon
6/19/2009Bryce Canyon, Utah
PostedOn the Road Again
6/15/2009along the Grand Circle, Utah
PostedLake Powell Cliff Jumping
6/13/2009Lake Powell, Utah
PostedArches and Uncle Danny
6/10/2009Moab, Utah
PostedMoab swim day
6/8/2009Moab, Utah
PostedCanyonlands National Park
6/6/2009Moab, Utah
PostedCorners and Dinos
6/6/2009New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona
PostedPop Toy Shop
6/6/2009Farmington, New Mexico
PostedChaco Culture
6/4/2009Nageezi, New Mexico
PostedSocial Soak
6/1/2009Jemez Springs, New Mexico
PostedBandelier Water Falls
5/30/2009Los Alamos, New Mexico
PostedBandelier Cliff Dwellings
5/28/2009Los Alamos, New Mexico
PostedTent Rocks
5/26/2009Santa Fe, New Mexico
PostedIn the Air and On the Air
5/25/2009Albuquerque, New Mexico
PostedTruth or Consequences
5/24/2009Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
PostedRest and Recharge
5/23/2009Las Cruces, New Mexico
PostedWhite Sands
5/23/2009White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
PostedDinner on Geico
5/22/2009Carlsbad, New Mexico
PostedCarlsbad Caverns
5/22/2009Carlsbad, New Mexico
PostedLeaving Texas
5/17/2009on to, New Mexico
PostedStar Party
5/15/2009Fort Davis, Texas
PostedArt in the middle of nowhere
5/15/2009Marfa, Texas
 4/30/2009 by Aidan
5/13/2009San Solomon Spring, Texas
PostedThe best swimming ever
5/9/2009Balmorhea, Texas
PostedBack on the Road
5/8/2009Balmorhea, Texas
PostedLove Journal
5/7/2009keeping busy, on the plane
 4/27/2009 by Rosie
PostedNew York main event
5/5/2009New York, NY
PostedRoad School
5/4/2009Letter to Sasha & Malia, on the way to the RV
 4/26/2009 by Charlie
PostedHello Big Apple
5/3/2009New York, NY
PostedLeaving the RV for NYC
5/2/2009San Antonio, Texas
PostedRemember the Alamo and the ticks & teeth
5/1/2009San Antonio, Texas
 4/20/2009 by Michael
4/30/2009Thousand Trails campground, Medina Lake, Texas
 4/19/2009 by Aidan
PostedClear Creek Ranch
4/29/2009Menard, Texas
PostedShady Grove
4/17/2009Austin, Texas
PostedRoad School
4/16/2009on the road, Letter to Michelle Obama
 4/16/2009 by Rosie
PostedExorcism in the Backseat
4/15/2009Houston, Texas
 4/15/2009 video by kids
PostedRoad School NASA
4/15/2009Houston, Texas
 4/15/2009 by Charlie & Aidan
PostedThe 10 cent RV tour
4/15/2009Houston, Texas
PostedFAQ Retrospective
4/14/2009on the way to, Houston, Texas
PostedAnother slavery discussion
4/13/2009Natchez, Mississippi
PostedGood Morning Campground
4/13/2009Natchez State Park, Mississippi
PostedVisitor Center on the Natchez
4/12/2009Natchez, Mississippi
 Aidan and Wendi
PostedCypress Swamp
4/12/2009Jackson, Mississippi
 Aidan and Wendi
PostedA little rain won't stop us
4/12/2009Jackson, Mississippi
PostedHere We Go Again!
4/12/2009Natchez, Mississippi
PostedTupelo and Elvis
4/11/2009Tupelo, Mississippi
PostedTrouble on the Trace
4/11/2009Stuck in the Muck, Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi
PostedRoad School
4/10/2009Letter to Obama,
PostedThe Natchez Trace continues
4/9/2009Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi
PostedCulinary Catastrophe
4/8/2009Week one, 18 more to go
PostedRoad School
4/8/2009Lincoln Lesson,
PostedLoveless Cafe
4/8/2009Nashville, Tennessee
PostedNashville Nirvana
4/7/2009Nashville, Tennessee
PostedSewage: By and Bye
4/6/2009on the way to , Nashville
PostedLand Between the Lakes
4/6/2009somewhere in, Kentucky
PostedCaptain's Log
4/6/2009Nashville, Tennessee
 Michael Ezgur
PostedRosie post
4/5/2009on the way to, Nashville
 Rosie Ezgur
4/5/2009Springfield, IL
PostedThe IL State Capitol
4/4/2009Springfield, IL
PostedOn the Road
4/3/2009somewhere in, IL
 Charlie Ezgur, pictures by Rosie
PostedLocked and Loaded, Baby!
4/3/2009Highland Park, IL
PostedI Found It
4/2/2009Highland Park, IL
 Aidan Ezgur
PostedEgg Suitcase
4/1/2009Highland Park, IL
PostedHAIR :-(
3/27/2009highland park, IL
PostedLess Than a Week to Go!
3/26/2009Highland Park, IL
PostedThe Practice Run to Pine Lake!!
3/24/2009Niles, MI
 Wendi / photos by Dicky Paull
PostedIt Rears its Beautiful Head
11/20/2008New Yok, NY
 Wendi & Michael
PostedOptions... Not
5/15/2008Highland Park, IL
 Michael & Wendi
PostedHow This Ball Got Rolling
3/14/2008Highland Park, IL
PostedHow A Journey Begins
2/29/2008Highland Park, IL

the mess before we leave, Will we ever finish packing?

Rosie is getting excited and starting her own journal at school.,

our favorite Timbuk2 luggage wheeled out, the day we leave

family and friends, saying goodbye

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