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Locked and Loaded, Baby!
Wendi    Posted 4/3/2009, Highland Park, IL

I was forbidden from spending any time on the website until we had successfully packed the big rig.

We definitely underestimated the task at hand. I am happy to report that we finally packed every last toothbrush, ice pack, blankie, pocket sized Purell, allen wrench, vinyl patch kit, swim noodle, quick drying tech towel and vacuum package of lentil beans into the RV.

It was not without incident. There was almost a voluntary manslaughter at 1:00 am the night before departure. But we screamed through it (I actually think I broke blood vessels in my face from the sheer volume and exertion), until we were safely on the other side.

We had a last minute bonus in the form of our good friend Jon Abt delivering a pocket Garmin navigation system compliments of ABT Electronics (www.Abt.com) best electronics in the midwest and beyond.

We rolled out at 2:00 PM today. We are on our way to Springfield, IL. Check out Linclon's 200th birthday festivities and a visit with our friends the Rosens who live in Springfield.


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