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On the Road
Charlie's Journal, written in the RV

Angel with a Purse, by Rosie

Picture of God, by Rosie

Charlie Ezgur, pictures by Rosie    Posted 4/3/2009, somewhere in, IL

(I am typing in Charlie's written words as they appear. FYI, there was no coaching, he was writing this from his brain without looking at anything.)

Did you know that my family is going on a RV trip. You might say why now? the Ezgur family belives that in this ecconimy there might be something good in bad. The Ezgur family also belives that theres so much time to change things and if you just sit there then that time will be gone. The Ezgur family is going on the trip for five months to live love and learn there way across the country. 11 year old Aidan is the journal, 8 year old Charlie keeps the budget and finatnaling, and 6 year old Rosie is the smothy maker. You can hear more about the trip on there website cald www.familyofftrack.com.

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