"Set your course, then follow curiosity."

-Michael Ezgur

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Readers Digest - Second Acts
KUNM Radio Interview
Walking on Air 1
Walking on Air 2
Getting away from it all--with you in tow
Family hits road towing Prius and marketing plan
Good Sam Club Highways
Adventures In Roadschooling
Wendi Glick Ezgur Bio
Michael Ezgur Bio
Pre-Trip Press Release

Leadhead, Inc. is an idea generation company that was founded in 1991 by Wendi Ezgur. Having created new product concepts for companies all over the world, Leadhead recently focused its efforts on a single family to come up with an innovative concept called "the family sabbatical", which then translated into the Family Off Track adventure which you can read about in the press above. Below is additional press about Leadhead Inc. and its founder. To learn more about the company visit

The Mother of Inventions
Leadhead Invention Honored
Leadhead Wins Award

“Do you remember as a kid putting your arms in the air as the roller coaster made you gasp with exhilaration? That's what it's like to be in a brainstorming session with Wendi Ezgur. She's fast on her feet (size 4), fun and leaves you a little breathless. Wendi has an exuberance that eludes most mild-mannered grown-ups, and uses every last ounce of it to take your brain to places it didn't expect to go.”

Creative Director, Director of Strategic Planning
Backe Digital Brand Marketing
Philadelphia, PA

“Wendi speaks from the heart and has a way of looking at the world that causes most of us regular folk to scratch our head and say, 'wow!' where did she ever come up with that? She has a warm and unique sense about what makes people tick. She'll make you laugh, think, and even more important, is her uncanny ability to find the humanity in things that most of us take for granted.”

Gary Kopervas, Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist
Marlton, New Jersey

“Wendi Ezgur is a natural performer. I have seen her present to groups formally as well as informally. Her captivating style engages all audiences equally well. Wendi's incisive intelligence, keen wit, uproarious sense of humor, and brilliant creativity make a contagious concoction that's impossible to ignore. Name the time and place Wendi will present and I'll be there.”

Peter Lloyd, Author
Cincinnati, OH

“Wendi is the consummate idea person and brings so much energy and idea power to anything she does. Her presence is upbeat and infectious. I recommend her most highly.”

Leslie Berger
Founder/Principal  Idea Resources Inc.
Chicago, IL

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