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I Found It
Aidan Ezgur    Posted 4/2/2009, Highland Park, IL

Hi everyone it's Aidan. 
So as you know my dad has been tearing the house apart looking for the cheap egg case. Now I personally could care less but I'm not in the mood for a crazy guy running around the house at twelve o clock at night shouting "where's the egg case?!".

So one day after my last day of school (which I spent most of my time seeing some of my friends like Jake Arends, Alexis Diaz, Chris Flores, Jack Kirkwood and Jake Fishbein for the last time), I went downstairs when I got up in the morning and I looked in a basket sitting in the middle of the basement and you will never believe what I found.

You guessed it, the mysterious missing egg case. I couldn't believe it, after all those days of searching every single corner, every inch of land, it was just sitting in the middle of our basement. When I told my dad I thought he would get so happy that he would run around the country holding up the egg case and waving it around, but at this point it wouldn't have surprised me.

And so on that fate full day the case of the missing egg case was closed by detective Aidan Ezgur.

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