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New York main event
4/25/2009    Posted 5/5/2009, New York, NY

The weather in New York is unseasonably warm and spectacular (the Zuckers always seem to pull this off for any event they have). We are having a great time in the city. There is a Broadway musical version of Shrek that we were able to catch on Thursday night thanks to Grandpa Jerry Ezgur waiting in the hot tix line and he and Grandma treating the family to this special show. Next, we head into all the pre-events for the bar mitzvah Friday night service, dinner party following at John and Karens (Dans brother and sister in-law) apartment, then the main event... the big torah reading for Ben on Saturday morning and the party in the evening. With all my sister's friends from growing up in town, and all her New York friends and family, I feel particularly at home.

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