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Road School
letter to Malia and Sasha Obama, by Charlie Ezgur

4/26/2009 by Charlie    Posted 5/4/2009, Letter to Sasha & Malia, on the way to the RV

As we were discussing sending the Obama letters to the Obamas, Charlie agreed to write a letter to Malia and Sasha.
Here it is.


Dear Sasha and Malia,

     My name is Charlie Ezgur. Recently, my parents took me out of school to go on a five month road trip in an RV. I am 8 years old. Check out our website at www.FamilyOffTrack.com.
     The reason we are doing this is because my parents wanted a life time experience for all of us. Because of the economy right now, my dad’s business is slow, so rather than just staying home and being scared they decided to do this.
     You both are in a life changing experience too because you dad ran for President and won! I know what it is like to leave your school and home. Here are some things I learned:
Don’t be afraid. Try your best. Don’t give up.

Good Luck,
Charlie Ezgur
8 years old
Highland Park, IL 

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