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Leaving the RV for NYC
4/21/2009    Posted 5/2/2009, San Antonio, Texas

We are in for a bit of culture shock as we head to New York City for a big family event. We are leaving the RV with Tony at Texas RV in San Antonio. We feel it is good hands as Tony was confident he would get through our punch list by the time we returned and he would take care of the oil change, fluids etc. Bryan Bransky from Barrington Motor Sales where we bought the RV was able to secure an upgraded mattress for us and was very accommodating in that he sent the mattress to San Antonio so we would have it upon our return. Packing was much more of a hassle than we anticipated and made worse by the fact that we were trying to organize in such a small space. Picture when you pack your family to go somewhere for 5 days. Dont you normally lay the luggage out and make piles everwhere? Well, I do and I could not do that very easily in the RV. Not to mention the fact that we didnt want to leave anything of value like computers, etc. on the RV while we were gone. Any hardship was made much easier by the fact that we were excited to see our whole extended family and the kids have been counting down the days until they see the cousins.

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