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Remember the Alamo and the ticks & teeth
4/20/2009 by Michael    Posted 5/1/2009, San Antonio, Texas

April 20, 2009

San Antone –

     We drove in straight to the Alamo! Davy Crockett, Jim Bouie and Santa Ana’s army. This is a great piece of American History. 189 Union Army forces led by Col. Jim Travis against 4,000 Mexican troops trying to take over Texas. Although all Americans died, it was such a good fight that it slowed the Mexicans down enough for Sam Houston to come in and finish the job.
     The River Walk is also very cool.  It is a great way to experience the city. We then went on to The Alamo IMAX – great show and more info on the event and the battle. The city of San Antonio is great. It’s small too, which makes it easy to navigate.
     On our way back to Medina Lake, we got to stop for gas (auto and personal) at Rudy’s – for real Texas Hill Country Barbeque. Just as Mitchell said – great. We had brisket, turkey and the chopped, along with slaw, beans and cobbler. Great Food.
     Then the long, dark ride to the campground… but the night was far from over. Aidan was not feeling well; we stop and he throws up. Then it’s on to the RV for Tickfest.
     Apparently the friendly deer from the other day decided to leave Charlie and Aidan with a gift. Charlie discovers his tick first. I go to work with Wendi for removal. I was vindicated because the I had 3 different kinds of tweezers, perfect for tick removal. Charlie was scared, but I got ‘er done. The only problem was there seemed to be a leg or something still stuck in Charlie. So, I had to go in with a Leatherman to cut/scrape it out. As Charlie was being a brave trooper, Aidan started screaming because he found a tick on himself too. By now, I was an expert. I  got it right out and we sent them off into the highly renowned and capable hands of Dr. Fred Cahan to make sure those ticks did not have Lyme disease.
     Now for the grand finale – Aidan’s stuck tooth. It wouldn’t come out and the adult tooth was coming in over it. I went in with the pliers of the Leatherman and yanked it out! Aidan did not even scream – a successful day of surgery! Everyone finally got to bed at 1:30 am.

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