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Dwight's crawfish restaurant, Lafayette, Louisiana

Sean our very nice waiter, Dwight's

Mike does not no where to begin eating, or when to stop!

Rudy's, Texas hill country BBQ

eating at Rudy's, it's like a an outdoor picnic

4/19/2009 by Aidan    Posted 4/30/2009, Thousand Trails campground, Medina Lake, Texas

Ok, I know, I know the posts have been sporadic at best this last 10 days!

The wireless card we depend on for our internet connection is not the most reliable. When we are in forested national parks or in mountain ranges we are completely without internet. The national park campgrounds are beautiful but they do lack wireless. The private campgrounds are usually more convenient; cement pads to park on meaning an easier time leveling the RV, pull through sites which do not require us to detach the tow dolly and Prius, and they usually have WiFi.

Right now we are in a WalMart parking lot, the kids are watching The Sound of Music, Mike is microwaving some leftovers and I am trying to post.

     So, www.RoadFood.com is a great site that our friend Steve Wineberg told us about. Steve has done extensive traveling via motorcycle around the U.S. and swears that the road food site is the best there is. He was right. It showcases and rates the best local eateries in every city. You know, the ones you would only know about if your were a local.
     In Lafayette, Louisiana the site directed us to Dwight's which is only open certain months throughout the year based on crawfish season. We chowed on the delightful local fare which not only included crawfish, but alligator, char broiled oysters, authentic seafood gumbo and etouffee, plus homemade peach cobbler for dessert. We were happy that there was a big cut out hole in each table with a garbage can underneath to throw away the shells of the critters.
     Another great local eatery was Rudy's. Mitch told us we had to have some hill country barbeque and Rudy's hit the spot. In Texas, barbeque is something you eat, not something you do. We had bbq brisket, smoked turkey and "chop" which was our personal favorite. To say Chop is a like sloppy joes is a huge insult to the delicious Chop which is all the meats chopped and simmered all day in a delicious bbq sauce. It is not ground beef by any means.

We were staying at a Thousand Trails campground in Medina Lake, Texas. The deer were very friendly and abundant.


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