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Glacier Rafting
river rafting wish, middle of page

class IV rapids, Flathead River

Mike and Charlie, taking the rapids by kayak!

7/25 & 26    Posted 11/2/2009, West Glacier, Montana

OK, it's been quite a while. It seems we took a hiatus within our hiatus. There is much news to share, but first we want to welcome those who found us through the Reader's Digest article. Thanks for signing on. If you haven't seen and want to see the article, you can click on the 'PRESS' tab at the top of this site and you will see the link.

Well fearless readers, there are still several adventures left untold, not the least of which is the journey's conclusion. The end as always, is nothing more than another beginning, but you will just have to be patient to read more about that. Hopefully, while you are busy being patient, or just plain busy as is more likely the case, I will continue to try and find what it is I am meant to say. As the documentarian of this sabbatical, I refuse to skip ahead or go out of order.

When last we left you we had just begun to explore Glacier National Park. River rafting was an adventure we had set as a goal and a wish before we left and West Glacier, Montana seemed as good a place as any!


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