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Back on the Road
4/28/2009    Posted 5/8/2009, Balmorhea, Texas

OK, feeling good. We are back on the road. The RV really feels like it's ours and very homey after being away from it for 5 days. Our destination is Balmorhea, Texas on the suggestion of the consummate Professor of Texas, Mitch Johnston. We had a family discussion to check in to see how everyone was feeling about the trip; frustrations, good points, improvements, etc. I am happy to report that at no point during this discussion or at any other time has anyone declared, even in anger, "I want to go home". I would also like to point out that as many times as we mention that it would be good for everyone to not have to be asked to get dressed or clean up or put on sunblock, these things do not seem to sink in. For me personally, the length of time of this journey is a constant source of relief and joy to me as I don't feel how I normally feel on vacations, or weekends or fun times with friends or good books, or good meals which is, "oh no, it's almost over."

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