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handwritten letter to Obama, by Aidan

Aidan    Posted 4/10/2009, Letter to Obama,

Dear President Obama,

     My name is Aidan Ezgur and I am on an RV trip around the country. Our first stop was in Springfield, IL. We went to the Lincoln Museum and saw many exhibits about him. One exhibit that really caught my eye was the Hall of Whispers. It had voices of people criticizing him and showed the political cartoons of the day. Until I came into this hall, I wasn't aware of the harsh criticism bestowed upon Lincoln. Things like that probably happened to all the presidents and I bet it is happening to you too.
     A lot of people might be doubting you. I think that you will do a great job in office, and don't let other people intimidate you. Just remember, it happened to Lincoln too.

Aidan Ezgur

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