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Herman & Helens
7/20 & 21    Posted 9/8/2009, St. Helens, Washington

The Bonneville Fish Hatchery had some sights that were brand new to us and we saw more than we ever wanted to know about spawning salmon, etc.. The grounds were very pretty and there was a large grassy area that we felt inclined to just lay down on. Herman the Sturgeon lives at Bonneville and he is quite the attraction.

The next day we had a very tough time deciding whether to take the long drive to Mt. St. Helens. We really wanted to see it, but it was not really in the right direction. These are the times when you get feel the pull of "but we may never get the chance to see this again". In the end, we decided to go. Most times decisions such as these pay off. You find yourself saying, "I'm so glad we decided to go." This really was not one of those times. It was a very far drive and when we were finally in view of it, we realized there was not way to get close unless we wanted to drive many more hours and we weren't on the side where you could see the main destruction the eruption caused in the side of the volcano. Oh well, we still learned about the volcano (although we didn't get to see the new visitor center that was just built). We did seek to find a person that could tell us what it was like to live in the area during the eruption.

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