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First Glimpse of Glacier National Park
Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park

7/22 & 23    Posted 9/17/2009, West Glacier, Montana

Getting from Washington to Montana required one of those rare "all day" driving days. We don't really mind because it gives everyone a moment to at least plan on catching up on work. In reality the majority of the day becomes an "oh it feels really good to do nothing" day.

It was dark by the time we were in Idaho but we had to keep on driving for over an hour past when we were relly ready to stop because we were in the middle of nowhere and couldn't find a place to stop. Finally we hit saw a Wal Mart in the distance and knew we had found a place to sleep for the night. It is kind of funny how a Wal Mart parking lot takes on that comfort feeling of approaching your own street and driveway as you head home after a long day.

Mike and I get up early to resume our favorite postions in the front seats of the RV with the kids sleeping. It is quiet and relaxing, and time to listen to Howard Stern.

We make it to Glacier National Park. One of the biggies. Time once again to roll up our sleeves, find a camprground, and wrap our brains around the sights and layout of the park, and pick a spot to dive in.

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