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The Practice Run to Pine Lake!!
Paull's Driveway, Marvell Lane

Looking out the window.

Lucy and Rosie, Pine Lake


Wendi / photos by Dicky Paull    Posted 3/24/2009, Niles, MI

We finally got the RV!!


It took some serious searching but in the end the decision was made simple by going with a dealer that you know is giving you the best deal and service now and while you are out on the road. That dealer is Barrington Motor Sales RV www.bmsrv.com . The Bransky brothers have grown up in the business that their father started 43 years ago and they are ready, willing and able to share all the knowledge that depth of history brings. They were sincere and genuine throughout the entire sales process, definitely not something most of us are used to. In fact, they seemed a little too nice at first and Mike kept having to convince me that they weren't full of it.


Anyway, Barrington Motor Sales suggested we go on a little test trip before leaving for 5 months. The first hurdle turned out to be not a hurdle... I could see over the steering wheel. For those of you who don't know me, I am 4'11" on a good day. The second hurdle also disappeared as we were not able to use the 'facilities'on the RV and therefore did not have to deal on the dumping of said facilities because as Barrington smartly pointed out, we shouldn't fill any plumbing lines in the RV if it might dip below freezing at night. The third hurdle was realizing that walking around the RV while in motion is like walking on a bus where you sway quite a bit and have to grab on to things to keep your balance which can lead to one saying to oneself, "hey, is that acutally nausea?" But, it is slight enought that all you need to do is go to a bunk bed or the master bedroom with its queen size bed, stretch out, read, watch a movie, or go to sleep. My friend Robin was very good at this. I think you just have to get your sea legs.


So we took off with our great friends the Paulls to visit more great friends, the Shifrins (both big and little), to see the best blue house on charming Pine Lake in Michigan. A house that Brian and Katie built with their own two hands (make that four hands). Not only is it like walking into a dream, it is like walking into their dream and I'm just so happy we got to share in it.

These photos are courtesy of Dicky Paull !!


If you look closely you will spot Billie, the oh so perfect dog who is sweet, smart, quiet, doesn't drool and doesn't smell like wet dog event when she is sopping wet.


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