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Less Than a Week to Go!
Wendi    Posted 3/26/2009, Highland Park, IL

Forgive me in advance for this short and somewhat lame journal entry.

I hear birds chirping outside and that of course means people too are walking around with a bit more spring in their step.

The amount of overwwhelmed that I feel at the prosepect of all that needs to get done is so large  that it has leveled off into a sickening calm. As far as packing, which is what many people have been asking about, there is no room so I am not too worried because the lack of room will help keep the decision making down.


Here's my preliminary thoughts for each person:

6 t-shirts

1 sweatpants

1 jeans

1 sweatshirt

1 jacket

2 long sleeve shirts

8 underwear

8 socks



What do you think?

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