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HAIR :-(
Wendi    Posted 3/27/2009, highland park, IL

As I sit at the salon with angst taking its usual spot on my lap becasue it is so excruciating to sit captive when there is so much to be done! Plus, what's the point? Within minutes of our departure, my hair will begin its free fall towards hideousness. I am just an innocent bystander where my hair is concerned. Luckily my friend Ilyse told me about an inventor who has come up with a great hair solution called The Clever Clip www.TheCleverClip.com. I have been wearing my hair up with it and can tell it will be a good friend on the road.

I also have to deal on the kids' hair, and any other errant hair that needs to be dealt with.

Mike said he would start journaling soon, and the kids will start soon as well. I think we can all be thankful for that!

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