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Art in the middle of nowhere
Rosie, looking very much like Dora the Explorer

4/30/2009 by Aidan    Posted 5/15/2009, Marfa, Texas

While in New York we got a hot tip (literally the temp. in Marfa was over 100 degrees) from the Owen family to go to a place in Texas called Marfa. An artist named Donald Judd whose works are large and permanent, worked with the DIA Art Foundation to create the most amazing artist community in an old army barracks in the middle of Marfa, Texas. The museum gave Judd a permanent home for his gigantic, industrial, minimalist style installations. It would house not only his works, but the likes of light artist, Dan Flavin, and soft sculpture artist, Claes Oldenburg to name a few. The result is very odd and inspiring.

Aidan has always enjoyed tooling around on Garage Band to create music, but he certainly took it up a notch as we asked him to create a piece for this video. He worked hard and we know you'll enjoy the result.

See The Video
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