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Captain's Log
Michael Ezgur    Posted 4/6/2009, Nashville, Tennessee

Captain’s Log
Star Date: April 7, 2009: 2am

After months of planning and debate, I am now finally making my first journal entry.  It’s not that I was boycotting the whole web site/share my thoughts concept, it’s just that I have been so focused on the other aspects of life and this sabbatical.  This is the first time in months that I have a peaceful moment.
This whole thing started off as another out of the box thought by Wendi, who has certainly been known to get way out of the box.  But this has to take the cake.  Leaving work, our home, family and friends for 5 months to travel across the country in a RV; it sounded crazy, a good crazy, but nonetheless out there, especially given everything going on at work and in the economy.  But, that’s what makes Wendi  so special: her really unique and brilliant way of looking at all things in life. 
Although I have built a company, several buildings and a high rise, this family off track thing still gave me that same feeling I get when listening to John Belushi call for a toga party as the Delta house is being kicked off campus.  Unlike some of our Sammy parties in the past, however, we now have 3 kids!
And, that’s really the best part . . . spending 5 months, not only with my best friend, but also our 3 kids, what a great life changing opportunity. 
I am in contact with Jake and the office as we transition to leasing and management , while at the same time getting the opportunity to reboot and rethink my life with the people whom I most want to spend time.  
All this spiritual, fluffy stuff seemed great until today.  We have been in the RV for a few days, but because in large part of the unbelievable hospitality of the Rosens, have not had to empty the dreaded “black tank”.  Well, we finally maxed out, and I had to go out in the freezing rains of the Land between the Lakes, Kentucky to pump and dump.  While I was freezing and dealing with the waste, Aidan was inside deciding it would be fun to spray the mace, “just to see what would happen”.  Needless to say, we achieved some of the extreme chaos that those of you who know us, can appreciate.
That experience, and the 2 hours it took us to try to level the motor home at the Glassman's house in the hills of Nashville, still in the freezing rain but now also dark, reminded me of the lessons of Jedi Master Steve Pizzanello:  breath deeply  and stay focused in the moment at all times.
Peace, out.

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