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dressing up, Lincoln Museum

with the wax figures, Lincoln Museum

Wendi    Posted 4/5/2009, Springfield, IL


We started off seeing the more residential side of Springfield with a short trip to watch Julia Rosen play soccer and meet some Rosen family and friends. Julia runs so fast that we were out of breath watching.  On our way back to the parking lot from the soccer field, we ran into a very jolly, carney type man who had set up a bungee/trampoline type thingamajig. The kids wanted to try it and within minutes both Mike and I were being fitted for the oh so attractive groin harness that was necessary to enjoy the ride. I believe the short videos tell the story best.



Next we feasted on all things Abraham Lincoln in Springfield which is geared up to celebrate the 200th birthday of the great president. First was his historic home where we climbed up the stairs holding onto the very railing that Abe himself used to hoist his 6”4” frame up to bed. Next, we ventured to his tomb where the bodies of Lincoln and his family are buried under amazing sculptures built from the melted down canons of the civil war. The decadent dessert of our Lincoln meal was beautifully presented in the form of the Lincoln Presidential Museum. Holograms, wax figures, artifacts, movies, and theater were ingested slowly until we rolled out bleary eyed and grateful to be greeted and treated to our second great feast of the day. Our final dinner in Springfield with the Rosens was lovely and would provide a great backdrop to the crockpot, campfire cooking that will define this trip.
Once again, Happy Birthday to Whitney and to Lincoln!


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