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Sunrise and the 2 Wheeler
sunrise, Bryce Canyon

great morning glow, hiking in Bryce

5/23/09    Posted 6/24/2009, Bryce Canyon, Utah

Well, yesterday was certainly an active day with regards to emails from Family Off Track. Sorry for all the duplicate emails, but my web guy got a bit trigger happy with the "send" button. Hopefully anyone who hasn't been getting the updates will start receiving them. And, now that the "posted on" date is with each post, you can go to the 'Follow The Journey' tab and look back at any posts you may have missed.

Enough administrative junk, onto our first earnest attempt at hauling ourselves out of the RV early enough to see the sunrise. Bryce Canyon is such an amazing sight, we thought it would be the perfect place to watch the sun come up. Uncle Danny was up for it and so were the kids. We had checked with the ranger and he told us sunrise would be at 6:25 AM. We were of course running a minute or two behind schedule, but alas when we arrived at the lookout point of the dramatic canyon amphitheater, the sun was up. Turns out sunrise was actually at 6:05. This would be our first of many surprises today.

We still enjoyed the incredible morning glow and felt happy and productive to get a early start on a spectacular hike.

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