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Leaving Texas
5/2/2009    Posted 5/17/2009, on to, New Mexico

It may have felt like we were forever in Texas (kind of like Forever in Bluejeans by Neil Diamond), but as the Texas literature states, "It's like a whole different country". The state is vast indeed and more green, hilly and lush than we ever expected. Rosie kept saying, "where are the tumbleweeds, cactuses (i think it is Cacti), and dry sand?" It's a great state and when you meet a Texan you get the feeling that their pride makes them a Texan first, then an American. Maybe it was their ability to win their independence from Mexico so long ago.

We entered New Mexico and headed for Carlsbad. We arrived at Carlsbad RV Park and what a friendly place it was. Jim and Mary the owners, were great and the park had a very social feel with an indoor pool, gameroom, playground and the "Teapot Room" for gatherings.

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