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Nashville Nirvana
Wendi    Posted 4/7/2009, Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks to Jason and Gen Glassman, our frustrating day was left behind as we all got a good night sleep and awoke to an interesting smoothie by Rosie, the renowned Smoothie Chef, but not before breaking the Glassman's blender (oops. but even though the Glassmans did not have Krazy Glue, Mike packed a lifetime supply on the RV and we repaired the damage). Many other tasty treats abound at the Glassman home (ie: spicy chocolate hazlenut balls and flattened dehydrated banana jerkey just to name a few). Jason and Gen had a great day planned for us in Nashville which included getting in some exercise, Nashville style.

No Nashville afternoon would be complete without some down home, country, Tennessee BBQ with some cowboy hat shopping for dessert. This brought up the conversation of souvenir shopping and budget. The kids each brought their own saved money and each of them has around $75 dollars. Mike and I said we would get each to an even $100 and that is the total they have for souvenirs for the 5 months. It was interesting to hear them debate about buying something small in each city or buying something big. We'll see how they do.

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