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LA & NY Family Goes Postal
6/8 to 6/10    Posted 7/9/2009, LA, California

We finally make it to the coast! We first get a glimpse of the Pacific at night in Newport Beach. We head to LA to visit cousins Sam, Cheri, Bradley, and Jory which is also the pick up spot for my sister Lisa and niece Clara from New York.

And, once again as you will see, our need for Geico comes into the picture. I should mention here that within days of us posting 'Trouble on the Trace' (the one where we almost tipped the RV), our claim had been handled and a check issued for the towing. I wondered how easy it would be to deal with a claim from the road, to my surprise it was a cinch.

The kids are loving seeing all the family that we don't get to see often, and after counting down the days to see Clara, the big day is finally here. I feel lucky to spend time with my sister where we are not at either of our houses with holiday dinners to throw or big events to attend.

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