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FAQ Retrospective
all in Icebreaker shirts, www.icebreaker.com

Icebreaker shirts again, www.icebreaker.com

Wendi    Posted 4/14/2009, on the way to, Houston, Texas

Not that I want to go backwards in this journal, but I was so frazzled in the beginning that I didn't get a chance to address some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Was it hard to pack?

How did you decide what clothes to bring?
We were so lucky to learn about Icebreaker clothing (www.icebreaker.com). It's made from 100% no itch, no stink merino wool. Hey, if it keeps the Merino sheep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it ought to do the same for us and that meant bringing less shirts for everyone. No stink means less laundry and that is key on an RV. Plus, total bonus... they have the best socks and underwear ever! I have seriously sweaty feet and cotton socks always stay damp and synthetic blend socks are worse because my sweaty feet slide around. Icebreaker socks are the first ones that have solved my sweaty foot dilemma.


How did you know what else you would need?
The Ezgur family has 3 great Uncle Dans. One is my brother, Dan Glick who lives in Aspen and the other is my brother-in-law, Dan Zucker who lives in New York and is married to my sister, Lisa.
This brings us to to the latest Uncle Dan added to the list which is Uncle Dan's The Great Outdoor Store (www.UDans.com). They have a store in our neighborhood which is by far the best place with the best staff. Everyone, from the owner Brent to Doreen to Mica to Dawn to Tim to the countless others who helped us had all traveled extensively and knew the ins and outs of all the gear. Even things like which quick dry towels to get. You don't want moist, moldy towels so quick dry are great but there a few kinds. Doreen made sure we got the ones that would give us the most authentic 'towel feel and experience'. All their recommendations were spot on and they made sure we had everything we needed before we left.


How were you able to take your kids out of school?
Different states have different laws regarding home schooling. Here is the website we looked at to understand how it works in Illinois. www.isbe.state.il.us/homeschool/default.htm


Were your parents and other family members supportive?
Yes! (although sad because they would miss us and we would miss them).


Do you shower on the RV plus all other 'bathroom' stuff?
You can get a pretty decent, 10 - 15 minute hot shower on the RV. The hot water heater regenerates the hot water quickly so someone can just wait a few minutes and take a shower after you. It's best to do it when you are hooked up to water at a campground so you are not using the water out of your fresh water reserve tank because then you will run out of water for other things like doing dishes and brushing teeth, etc. I will say we are definitely not showering everyday, more like every third day (ok, sometimes four). When my hair looks bad it goes right up in this awesome new invention called The Clever Clip (www.TheCleverClip.com). As for other bathroom stuff, having a toilet on board is really convenient and it is very normal to use. We haven't experienced anything gross about it yet.


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