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Highway 1
Highway 1, California

Big Sur, California

hiking around Big Sur, new walking sticks in hand

6/11 & 12    Posted 7/13/2009, Big Sur, California

Hi, it's Michael. I haven't checked in for a while, but the amazing drive up Hwy 1 inspired me to share a portion of my personal journal.  This video picks up after the sea lions (which were right on the side of the hwy), as we head up all the way to Monterey Bay.  The camera does not capture the full magnitude of the combination of beauty and hazard that we traversed up the coast.  This drive in a car is challenging, but in the 35 foot RV, while towing the Prius for 60 feet total, it requires total concentration, so I can't even hear the panicked screams coming from Wendi and Lisa, who never acquired the driving mojo that I did during my Glenbrook North days.

This is white knuckle driving for sure, especially on the blind corners and tight switch backs.  It is well worth it, however, as I am completely charged up with adrenaline and great music as we make our way north. I think too, the awful smell of those seals is still burning my nostrils, keeping me further awake.

So, we drive right through Big Sur and Carmel on our way to the campground in the Monterey Dunes.  We pass The Pebble Beach golf courses (I think I will have to investigate later).  This whole area is really one of the most amazing of any I have seen in the world, with its mix of wilderness, mountains, ocean and great activities.  The last time Wendi and I were here was 17 years ago for our honeymoon, so it is great to be back to relive those great memories as well.

After the first evening at the Dunes, we drive back to Big Sur, and start our day with lunch at Nepenthe, with its excellent views, which have not changed since we were here last.  Next, we go to the Julia Pfiefer Burns state park for hiking.  We first take the scenic short walk to see the waterfall and beach cove.  Afterward, we go on a 2 1/2 hour hike through an old growth red wood forest to the top of a mountain for the sunset view.

We ended that day by going to the Pink Palace in Carmel, a place Wendi and I stayed on our honeymoon, and had dinner in the same dining room with a view of the many bats flying around outside.  It is a very dark ride home to the RV for a full-house sleepover party with the Zuckers.


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