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Michael & Wendi    Posted 5/15/2008, Highland Park, IL

Wendi : "If it all really goes south, and we lose everything, we can look at it as an opportunity to do something that we might not have ordinarily gotten to do… go live in another country for a year."


Then I become obsessed with the idea and start calling it a 'family sabbatical'. Chile or Argentina become favorites and I order books from Amazon and begin telling everyone!


I am now in info gathering and investigation mode, admittedly one of my favorite modes.


Mike, being as supportive of the idea as he can for a guy who is putting every ounce of his being into saving a company while his wife appears as if she has already left the country finally says...

"Every time you talk about leaving the country, I serioulsy get nauseous."


Perhaps the nausea intensified when, in a meeting as Mike is trying to describe how they will work a project toward completion, someone on the other side of the table says, “that’s funny because my wife said that your wife said you were leaving the country.”


As my best friend Becky pointed out, "It's like the idea is a buoy for you and a pair of cement shoes for Mike."

Once she put it in those terms, as only she can, I felt the cold blooded shiver of trying to drown my own husband.


Even I know when to let something go. 


As an ideator, I may let it go but it still gets stored somewhere in my brain and is likely to reappear in another form at another time, borrowing brilliance from something else in order to turn a once rejected idea into a win -win. 


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