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Road School
original letter to Michelle Obama, by Rosie Ezgur

4/16/2009 by Rosie    Posted 4/16/2009, on the road, Letter to Michelle Obama

Rosie worked on a letter to Michelle Obama after she learned about Mary Todd Lincoln and some of the challenges she faced as first lady. In particular, the Lincoln Museum had an exhibit that showed many of the dresses of the Washington socialites and told how they did not always welcome Mrs. Lincoln into their circles. The exhibit further explained that she was sometimes  jealous of these ladies.
Here is Rosie's letter.

Dear Michelle Obama,
     I am Rosie Ezgur and I am 6. I am on a family RV trip. We are on the Natchez Trace Parkway and we see a lot of yellow fields. Right now I am kind of little so you might not understand my letters because I am six. And here is some advice.
    Stay calm and you can take some time to be that way and you can help anybody who needs you. Do not be jealous of anybody. And here's one question; Is it hard being the President's wife?

Rosie Ezgur
6 years old
Highland Park, IL

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