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Bandelier Cliff Dwellings
Bandelier National Park, New Mexico

climbing ladders, into cliff dwellings

Hurray, a great Mother's Day!

5/10/2009    Posted 5/28/2009, Los Alamos, New Mexico

Yesterday we hung out in Santa Fe to take it in and get some things done. Though I looked hard for something I might want as a gift for Mother's Day, everything pales in comparison to just being on the trip itself. But, I did manage to find a great shirt for Mike and the perfect sun hat for Rosie. And Mike gave me the gift of time by taking the kids to get haircuts so I could walk around by myself, an unexpected luxury.

Today is Mother's Day and we are in Bandelier National Park. A gem of a national park, not too big, adventurous and beautiful. It will certainly go down as one of my top Mother's Days. I feel very lucky indeed.

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