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Truth or Consequences
5/6/2009    Posted 5/24/2009, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

We traveled to a small town in New Mexico called Truth or Consequences (referred to by locals as T & C). You can be sure the first question I asked was, "Why is the town called Truth or Consequences?". The video will give you the answer. For some reason we are always allured by the term and prospect of "hot springs". I think it has to do with our love of swimming in natural bodies of water. Hot springs are neat, but they can smell like sulfur and like their name indicates, they are hot. So if it is 94 degrees outside, in the middle of a sunny day, something just feels not entirely right about a hot spring. Night time, when it is cool outside is a much better time to visit a hot spring. But, nonetheless, we ventured in for a dip.

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