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Moab swim day
5/18/2009    Posted 6/8/2009, Moab, Utah

Moab is a quaint little town with everything we needed in a one mile strip. And we needed many things today. First was a trip to the grocery store, next we needed a shipping store (I now was in possession of two pieces of Navajo pottery that were bound to shatter if they stayed on the RV longer than necessary). The nice woman at the shipping store directed me to a health clinic where we took Aidan (who had an ear infection), Charlie who had a fever and muscle aches (tested negative for strep but we had to hand deliver his throat culture to the Moab hospital), and Rosie who got her temperature taken just because she was feeling left out.

While I was at the health clinic with the kids, Mike was busy getting our bikes tuned up, washing the RV, getting gas, checking the propane, and tracking down a map he left at a restaurant last night (they didn't have it, but he was able to find the exact same one at the visitor center in Moab... he was feeling productive and elated).

Once we went to the pharmacy to get Aidan his perscription and Charlie some Tylenol and Advil, we all were hot, very bothered and needed to cool off somehow.

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