“The moment it looks as though all is lost
is the precise moment you have nothing to lose.”

-Wendi Ezgur

Family Off Track...
A New Sense of Direction

The Ezgur Family is going “Off Track” to live, love and learn their way across the country in an RV. People may ask, ‘Why Now?’ The Ezgurs believe that when life presents changes, people should look for opportunities. This journey is exactly that, an unbelievable opportunity to connect to family in ways that would otherwise never have been possible.
The Ezgurs will throw stereotypical sightseeing out the window and embark on an adventure based on what each family member is curious to learn more about, discovering inspiration and gathering life experience along the way.
The Ezgur Family invites you to follow their Off Track journey to see for yourself how it may inspire you to follow a dream of your own by asking ‘what if’ and ‘why not’.

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Posted 9/3/2009
Portland, Oregon
Posted 9/8/2009
Herman & Helens
St. Helens, Washington
Posted 9/17/2009
First Glimpse of Glacier National Park
West Glacier, Montana
Posted 9/25/2009
Top 5 Tips from a 5 Month Road Trip
en route, in an RV
Posted 11/2/2009
Glacier Rafting
West Glacier, Montana

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